3 things to ask yourself when choosing your accessories

Accessorizing can be overwhelming at times. We drive ourselves crazy trying to find the right earrings or necklace or scarf to match for the perfect outfit. Here are 5  things to think about when choosing the right accessories to nail the look you want. 

  1. How is the weather, outside and inside?

    Weather plays a big role in deciding what to wear when leaving the house, and it works the same way with your choice of accessories. The weather dictates layers of clothing, heaviness of fabric, and even colours. Weather suggests mood, dark and gloomy or sunny and bright. You might ask yourself, do I want to reflect the day’s mood or rise above it?  Am I going to show the warm, fun, outgoing side today, or more the serious and restrained side? It’s not so much about the type of accessory, it’s about the feeling you want to convey. Like I always say, there’s a scarf for every type of weather – light silk  in summer and  heavier fabric in winter.

  2. What do the trends say?

    We can’t all be trend setters, but having an idea of what’s happening in the fashion world surly helps. Peruse the magazines or online sources like Pinterest., You might be surprised by what you see. For example winter capes and ponchos are coming back in style. Faux Fur was also prominent on the runways of Europe this season thanks to the fashion world’s growing environmental awareness.

  3. Have I gone overboard?

    If you’re like me, and of course you are, nothing excites you like a beautiful accessory. The only problem is when that excitement gets the better of you – it does all of us. Try not to overdo it. Accessorizing should be tasteful. It should complement the other elements of your outfit. Follow these three simple rules.
    • No more than 3 large accessories (scarves, hats, bags, belts)
    • No more than 4 small accessories (jewelry, gloves, sunglasses etc.)
    • No more than 3 colors per outfit to keep the look balanced

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