5 Things My Mother Never Taught Me About Accessorizing

I’m not saying my mother didn’t have a great fashion sense but, let’s face it, we all struggle to find the perfect accessory for our outfits at times. Here are 5 absolute dos and don’ts of accessorizing:

  • Gloves intimidate but they don’t have to if you follow this simple rule - They should always be the same color as one other element in your outfit. The right gloves will make your outfit harmonious and make you stand out.

  • If fashion was physics there would be a First Law of Handbags and it would be: The colour of your handbag must contrast with the colour of your shoes , especially if your shoes are  a bright colour.

  • Big collars and big scarves don’t go. A wide heavy scarf hides a large collar (and also makes you look like you are suffocating). Choose  a thin scarf if you have a coat with a large collar.

  • The 3-Colour Master Rule (and this is critically important): Don’t choose more than 3 colors when you build your outfit (unless you want to look like you’re getting ready to perform under the Big Top).

  • Career-outfit accessorizing is its own artform. At work we want to be taken seriously. So subtly sophisticated accessories, like tasteful gold and silver jewelry work best to highlight your style without being distracting.

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